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I am a Danish teacher and the founder of Lingua Danica that helps curious and open minded Danish learners speak a more active and confident Danish!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Sigga, a native Danish speaker, born and raised in a smaller town in the suburbs of Copenhagen! 

I’ve been a Danish teacher for 12 years and have helped thousands already through my paid courses and free content. And I’ll be so happy to help you too!

How I got here

With a master’s degree in language studies from the University of Copenhagen I began teaching Danish as a second language in 2010. By chance really! I applied for one job but got hired for another one as a Danish teacher. But oh boy! Am I happy for this life-changing opportunity!

When I started out teaching, I worked for two of the biggest language schools in Copenhagen, but since 2018, I’ve been a solopreneur, rocking it and helping Danish learners from all over the world to speak better Danish from my own company, Lingua Danica.

For the last few years, I’ve been discovering the possibilities of online teaching. I love how the internet makes the world smaller, making it possible for me to teach students not only in my own city but anywhere else in Denmark and in the rest of the world really.

For someone who never wanted to teach, it’s a pretty awesome turn of event… that helping people just like you(!) to speak better Danish turned out to be one of my biggest life missions!

Why I do it

I love when my students get those “aha moments” when they suddenly get something they never understood. And I love even more when they come and tell me about their achievements with Danish. Then I know my mission is accomplished!

Also, in Denmark, it’s possible for newcomers to manage just with English. But to get the full “Denmark experience”, to feel included in the society, it’s important to learn the language. 

I’m here with the Danish tool box under my arm, helping you towards those Danish goals you have, whatever they may be! Whether you want to work in Denmark or whether you do have a job but want to speak more Danish at work or whether you “just” want to be able to speak more in general, I’m determined to make this journey together fun and enjoyable!

So, jump on board and let’s learn Danish together!

Some facts about me

I love running

Although I haven’t had much time in the last few years, I love running in nature. I grew up north from Copenhagen, close to a lake and forest and often went running there. As an introvert, I really recharge during those moments in my own company. And after a good run, you just feel fantastic!

I love traveling

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I'm a family person

I have always loved spending time with my family, and after becoming a mom, even more! Family is the safe heaven where you can always find support and love. I’m happy to pass that on to the next generation of our family.

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